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About Dr. Thomas Incledon

Renew Male was formulated by Thomas Incledon (Tom), PhD, a world renowned scientist in the fields of anti-aging medicine and natural hormone therapy since 1989.

Tom is also the CEO of Human Performance Specialists, Inc. and Human Health Specialists where he helps individuals from all walks of life optimize their health, quality of life, and athletic performance.


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Tom’s other accomplishments include:

Author of over 70 published scientific research studies on topics such as testosterone, men’s health, weight loss, and more. See some of his research studies here.

Advisor for some of the world’s most popular dietary supplement and nutraceutical companies.

“Go to guy” for elite athletes, world champions, Olympic gold medalists, youth athletes, and even weekend warriors seeking to maximize their performance, overcome injuries, and extend their playing careers.

Pioneer and visionary in the development of new medicines and therapies for cancer, Lupus, ALS, and many other chronic, debilitating diseases. His research facility, Human Health Specialists, provides objective, effective medical services for patients with illnesses and health issues that have not responded to traditional treatment modalities. Tom’s compassionate, holistic, exhaustive approach has set a new precedent for treatment and has positively affected countless lives.

Medical advisor to the White House, NFL, and other professional and government organizations.

Contributor to men’s magazines including:

Men’s Health

Muscle & Fitness


Excercise For Men Only

Ironman Magazine


Muscle Monthly

Natural Bodybuilding and Fitness


Men’s Exercise



Thomas Incledon

CSCS, RPT, Chief Scientific Officer
Human Performance
Specialists, Inc.


The benefits of Tom’s scientific research and product formulations are evident in Tom’s own personal life. As a person who practices what he preaches, Tom has been ranked nationally in Powerlifting, Olympic lifting, all around lifting, and Strongman Competitions. His best lifts include: 187 pounds in the one arm snatch (with 7 foot bar), 286 pounds in the power snatch, 352 pounds in the power clean and jerk, 452 lbs in the front squat, and 615 pounds in the dead lift, all while weighing under 200 pounds. Tom has also set national records in strongman competitions, including 19 reps in the 200-pound axle press.

  • Tom lifts a 290 pound stone
    during competition.

  • Tom lifts a 750 pound tire in sand
    during a strongman competition.

  • Tom pulls a 45,000 pound truck
    during a strongman competition.



Research Studies


Here are a few of the research studies Dr. Thomas Incledon has authored:

Effect of acute postexercise ethanol intoxication on the neuroendocrine response to resistance exercise.

Koziris LP, Kraemer WJ, Gordon SE, Incledon T, Knuttgen HG (2000). Journal of Applied Physiology 88(1):165-172. Read full text here (PDF)


Testosterone and cortisol in relationship to dietary nutrients and resistance exercise.

Volek JS, Kraemer WJ, Bush JA, Incledon T, Boetes M (1997). Journal of Applied Physiology 82(1):49-54. Read full text here (PDF)


An acute clinical trial evaluating the cardiovascular effects of an herbal ephedra – caffeine weight loss product in healthy overweight adults.

Kalman D, Incledon T, Gaunaurd I, Schwartz H, Krieger D. (2002). Interntional Journal of Obesity 26(10):1363-1366. Read full text here (PDF)